Presenting the most carefully crafted wood, solid hardwood, metal, and cremation caskets in the industry. Based on an extensive consumer research program, The Milso Group has designed this collection to complement the unique power of the innovative Milso Showcase™.

Offering the right assortment of caskets is an essential part of implementing a successful Milso Showcase and enhancing the services you provide to your families. Take a moment to explore our collection. You will learn about the most unique assortment of caskets in the industry.


 Metal Caskets

About Metal Caskets

Gleaming beauty and optimum protection make metal a preferred choice – in steel, stainless steel, and semi-precious metals.

Bronze Caskets

Bronze, a semi-precious material and an alloy of copper and either zinc or tin, is the strongest and longest lasting of any casket construction material.

Bronze is resistant to corrosive elements, an important consideration in selecting a casket.

Milso's bronze caskets are available with a hand-applied natural brushed finish. Bronze makes an elegant, exquisite remembrance.



Copper Caskets

Copper is considered a precious metal, and evidence of its longevity rests in the original copper roofs and pipes which survive in the world's great architectural gems.

Copper also resists corrosion. It is one-third stronger than stainless steel and available in 32-ounce weight.

Milso’s copper casket finishes are natural, brushed, or painted; finishes are applied by skilled artisans. This natural and precious metal expresses a remarkable life.



Rust Resistant Stainless Steel Caskets

Stainless steel refers to a number of different steels. These steels share one characteristic-they are composed of an alloy of carbon steel containing 10% or more chromium.

Nickel and other chemical elements are also used in the formulation of various types of stainless steel.

Manufacturers choose from among the different types of stainless alloy based on the combination of ingredients that make it best suited for the final product.




Heavy Weight Steel Caskets

The long-lasting nature of metal combined with its affordability and performance make steel caskets one of the most popular selections.

The range of colors—from respectful blues, browns, blacks, and grays to peaceful pastels in purples, pinks, and blues—makes each selection unique.

Three major classifications of Milso Casket's steel casket product line are 16-Gauge steel, 18-gauge steel and 20-gauge steel.



Hardwood Caskets

About Wood Caskets

Nothing compares to the rich, warm glow of well-crafted hardwood. From the elegance of solid hardwood to the simplicity of hardwood veneer, this assortment shows a variety of woods and finishes that cater to all tastes.


Cherry Caskets

One of the most popular species for casket construction, cherry wood is light, which makes it suitable for a variety of lustrous finishes.

Used extensively in fine furniture, cherry is found from the Dakotas to Maine and the Appalachians, with most of the production coming from Pennsylvania and West Virginia. It is strong, hard and beautiful.



Mahogany Caskets

Mahogany is an exotic wood and revered by many as the premier hardwood. It has a very pleasing grain and a propensity for high-luster finishes.

York caskets feature African mahogany, native to the Ivory Coast and the western region of Africa.



Maple Caskets

Maple is a hardwood native to North America. Among its characteristics are strength, durability and the ability to accept high-quality finishes.

These attributes, which established it as a favorite in the furniture industry, make it an appealing wood for casket construction.



Oak Caskets

A very hard, heavy and strong wood, oak is durable and readily takes a great variety of fine finishes. The grain patterns of any two trees are never exactly alike, providing an individuality not found in other casket materials.

Caskets of oak have a natural warmth and beauty that are the marks of quality and prestige.



Pine Caskets

Simplicity, warmth and natural beauty are the appealing attributes of pine.

This species of wood, found growing all across North America, offers strength and is amicable to an assortment of finishing techniques.


Poplar Caskets

Native to the forests of the northern United States and parts of Canada, the strength, value and versatility of poplar make it appealing for casket construction.






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